TS.9205 Architectural door closer
The TS.9205 door closer is known for high efficiency, dual zone, quality, reliability and ease of opening, making it one of our top specified closers 

It assists doorsets in meeting the requirements of Approved Document M and BS 8300. With its easy-to-read instructions and adjustable power EN 2-5 mechanism it saves you approximately 12.5 minutes on fitting time. 

Temperature stable hydraulic oil is unique to Rutland closers. This means the TS.9205 can be used in temperatures from -15ºC to +40ºC.

Opening Angle: 180° 

Max Door Width: EN2-5 up to 1250mm 

Power Size: EN2-5 

Min Door Width: 835mm fig1, 728mm fig66 

Max Door Weight: EN2-5 up to 110kg


Rutland Door Closers By Rutland Door Controls Supplied By Black Country Hardware Limited Halesowen West Midlands

Rutland TS.9205 Overhead Door Closer Mechanism Only