The ETS.7004 series E-mag floor spring fits discreetly into the floor, giving better resistance to interference and vandalism and is suitable for use where low opening forces are required, such as care homes, hospitals or where the Equality Act is a consideration. It is a fixed power size 4 which, when fitted, is in hold open/swing free mode, allowing the door to be opened with no resistance from the floor spring. However, when the buildings fire alarm is activated, power is cut to the floor spring and the unit then closes the door.

  • Door can be manually removed from hold open when current is applied to the unit.

  • When no current is applied to unit, it will act as a standard hydraulic floor closer.

  • Loss of electrical current due to a signal from a smoke detector or other signaling device will open an electromagnetically controlled valve in the closer and close the door under full hydraulic control.

  • Operating voltage 24VDC at 125mA =10% -15%.

  • Mechanical backcheck at approximately 70o.

  • Multipoint hold open between approximately 80o and 180o when current is applied.

  • A secondary regulation system protects closer from damage caused by forced closing.

• Closer adjustment in cement case provides lateral and longitude adjustment and can be checked against the unique level gauge.

• Optional sealing compound prevents water or cleaning solvent from entering the cement case.

• When considering hold open angle, allow approximately 3o of fall away.

• Back check
• Hold Open 80o - 180o
• Adjustable sweep speed• Adjustable delayed action

• Double cam mechanism
• Action availability Single or double• Heavy duty back check

Satin Stainless Steel Finish


Rutland Door Closers By Rutland Door Controls Supplied By Black Country Hardware Limited Halesowen West Midlands

ETS.7004 Electromagnetic Size 4 Right Hand Single Action Floor Spring